Cow looks out over the mountains at Sycamore Hill Farm

Southern Heritage Farming

We are a brother, sister, sister team who inherited 150 acres of farm land in the mountains of Western North Carolina with dreams of continuing the 75 year farming legacy of our parents in the 21st century.  We believe that grass fed Wye Angus cattle and industrial hemp farming are the agricultural means for our sustainable future.

We believe in the small family farm and environmentally conscious farming methods.

Come visit with us on the porch at Sycamore Hill Farm to watch the cattle graze or experience the wind swept peaks of Sandy Gap Farm to see industrial hemp grown or pick your Christmas tree.

Pasture to Plate Sycamore Hill Grass Fed Angus Beef

  • Delicious in Taste & Tenderness
  • Healthy & Nutritious
  • Safer for You & Your Family
  • NO grains, NO added hormones, NO antibiotics, & NO feed-lot strategies

Why Buy Beef from Sycamore Hill Farm?

A Farm-to-Table Market For Quality Beef!

Sycamore Hill Farm is your market place for fresh and trustworthy grass fed beef. Supporting pasture to plate models means  you can get to know, visit, and ultimately trust the producer of your meat to ensure you buy quality beef for your dining table . . . thus contributing to the nutrition and health of you and your loved ones.

Grass Fed Beef That Is Delicious In Taste & Tenderness!

Our grass fed beef has a unique rich beefy flavor with a tender and juicy taste that is a direct result of Wye Angus genetics, 100% grass feeding strategies, and hand raised cattle. Grass fed beef is very different from grain fed beef both in terms of health, taste, and cooking approach. Click here to learn more about the health considerations or here to learn about how to cook grass fed beef.

Sycamore Hill Farm offers Farm-to-Table tasting events throughout the year and we welcome visitors by appointment to meet the Wye Angus herd.

Wye Angus Cattle Are Intense Grazers!

Sycamore Hill Farm’s Wye Angus Herd is from one of the most genetically unique Angus herds in the world with their lineage traced back to early Scotland and the British Isles. Wye Cattle are also one of the most documented cattle herds in the world rivaled only by such programs as the Line 1 Herefords of Ft. Keogh Research Center. 

Wye Angus cattle have been intensely studied for the suitability of their meat in fat content, marbling, taste and tenderness and when combined with 100% grass feeding strategies produce a winning combination for those who enjoy eating beef!

Because We Humans Are What We Eat!

Sycamore Hill Farm cattle are raised without grains, added hormones, antibiotics, and no feed-lot strategies are used! They are USDA certified grass fed. Our cattle are grass fed for their entire life, humanely treated, and provided lots of open mountain pasture land with pristine water sources, and fresh clean air.

This means you can feel confident about the safety and nutrition of the meat you consume from Sycamore Hill Farm. Grass fed beef is leaner with fat content that is healthier.  Grass fed beef is lower in calories, contains more vitamins A and E, has higher levels of antioxidants, and has up to seven times more beta-carotene.  It contains more alpha-linolenic acid (ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid) as well as more CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), a natural trans-fat that may be one of the most potent defenses against cancer.  Omega-3s are essential for brain and heart health.

Fair Pricing With Out The Middle Man!

We are excited to sell our by the cut products at area farmers' markets, including Cashiers Locally Grown on the Green Wednesdays 3 - 6 PM and Highlands' Saturday Market 8 AM - 12:30 PM.

You can also stop by the farm to pick up grass fed beef by appointment. Call us at 828-293-5936.

Product Offerings:

Bulk Orders - 1/4 Beef $7.00, 1/2 Beef $6.50, Whole Beef $5.00 per pound hanging weight

Gourmet Bundles - On the Grill Pack $120.00 and Sampler Pack $70.00

See order form for details.

By the Cut - Available at local farmer's markets starting August 2019.

100% Grass Fed Beef Available July 2020!

Bulk, gourmet bundles, and by the cut products will be available. To learn more click here!

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The donkeys laying in the field at Sycamore Hill Farm

We enjoy visiting and talking about cattle and beef production, especially the Wye Angus Herd at Sycamore Hill Farm.  Please reach out to us with questions about the farm and our herd or how to purchase our grass fed beef.

We encourage you to arrange a visit with us to discuss rural mountain farming, our practices, and see the farm animals at Sycamore Hill.

After all, the view from the porch is sweet!


Sycamore Hill Farm

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